Blending grape varieties

Blending of grape varieties: a magical practice of French origin.

To obtain more enjoyable flavors, grape varieties can be blended. To do this, complementary grape varieties are chosen in order to provide the best possible results. This blending results in richer, fuller wines that are more interesting than the individual varietal wines chosen to be blended. Far from a flaw, the complexity of blended wines is a highly sought-after quality, and France has a long history of expertise in this area. Blending grape varieties involves very tricky alchemy, requiring a lot of experience. The proportions of the various grape varieties used in the resulting blended wine are determined in a very precise manner. Quite often, blending is done with two grape varieties, thus resulting in a “two-variety” blended wine. Based on the producer’s aims, a greater number of varieties can be blended.


A few typically French blends that result in highly popular two-variety blended wines.

Merlot & Cabernet-Sauvignon Blends: bold personality and opulent fruit Very noble, sturdy red wines with a deep color. Created by blending Cabernet-Sauvignon, which lends power and body, and Merlot, known for its legendary fruit and velvety touch. Red wines that hold up well over time, characterized by very elegant red fruit aromas. Main aromas: blackcurrant, strawberry, black cherry, violet and prune.

Grenache & Syrah Blends: enjoyable body and spicy punch These generous, densely colored red wines stand out through their joyful roundness and powerful aroma, along with a lovely spicy touch. The result of blending two iconic Mediterranean grape varieties. Wines that are hearty and smooth, thanks to the Grenache, yet silky and syrupy, characteristics brought about by the Syrah. Main aromas: black olive, tobacco, black cherry, dried fig, blackberry, blueberry, pepper and violet.

Chardonnay & Sauvignon Blends: lively fruit and floral elegance Perfectly balanced, light, shimmering white wines, created by the ideal blending of two of France’s best-known grape varieties. These nectars are flavorful and lively, heady and elegantly full-bodied. Made by blending Sauvignon - which lends the exuberance of lively, fresh fruitiness - and Chardonnay, with its power, body and legendary floral elegance. Main aromas: broom flower, blackcurrant bud, boxwood, grapefruit, hazelnut, butter, lime blossom, popcorn and pear.

Colombard & Ugni Blanc Blends: strong aroma and energizing freshness Deliciously flavorful, joyful white wines bursting with freshness, with a clear, slightly greenish hue. Wines made by blending two highly compatible grape varieties. Colombard, often grown in the Aquitaine region of France, brings powerful aroma and a certain body. Ugni-Blanc is known for its lively, joyful personality. Main flavors: lime, peach, nectarine, lemon, quince and resin.