Vin De France has burst onto the cocktail scene and is revisiting the classic cocktails of our favourite aperitifs and bars.

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VDF Cocktails - Gamme Mule - Play

On the Mule side
An explosion of flavours

When Vin De France varietals meet Ginger Beer expect a one-of-a-kind explosion of flavours! The Mule is for casual drinking with friends, spicing up your aperitifs with a freshness that never loses its zing.

VDF Cocktails - Game cocktail - play

On the Tonic side
The gourmet corner

When Vin De France varietals meet a dash of cucumber, hibiscus or rose and Tonic Water get ready to dive into an incredible ethereal world! Seasoned cocktail enthusiasts will tell you that nothing beats a few bubbles in your cocktail for added freshness!





French illustrators have taken to the VDF Instagram to bring these 100% French Touch cocktails to life