Wines Words

A concise dictionary of wine-related terms for enthusiasts and lovers of all things enological


Characteristic of a wine that makes it seem full on the palate.

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  • Variety

    Type of grapevine planted. There are innumerable varieties created by evolution and natural selection. Winemakers have chosen to favor a select few, and these now represent 90% of today’s vineyards around the world. Most of these varieties, originally come from France.
  • Vegan (Vin)

    A wine is vegan if it does not contain any animal product. The winemaker then uses a plant-based alternative for certain stages of the winemaking process.
  • Vegetal

    Said of a wine’s bouquet or aromas, mainly when the wine is young, that are reminiscent of grass or vegetation.
  • Vein

    The branched, projecting thread in the leaf blade that brings sap to the leaf.
  • Venison

    Element of a wine’s bouquet that evokes large wild game.
  • Vin De France

    An official European denomination that since 2009 has designated wines from a specific country (e.g. Vin De France) without indicating the precise geographical are it was produced. These wines are subject to a set of quality criteria and the vintage and grape variety may be mentioned on the label.
  • Vine shoot

    The grapevine's growth for a particular year that is pruned during the winter.
  • Vins de pays

    Designates wines with a Protected Geographical Indication (IGP - a regional notion). A Vin de Pays must come only from the region it is named after. It must meet production criteria that are set by decree.
  • Vintage

    Year in which a wine is harvested.
  • Vitis vinifera

    Scientific name for winegrowing grapevines.
  • Volume

    Characteristic of a wine that makes it seem full on the palate.