Immersed in the world of the arts from an early age, she began by studying music. Eventually, it was drawing that became the obvious choice. A few years later, she set up Studio Louisanna as a freelance illustrator.

Emma Blanchard – Studio Louisanna

The artist in 3 words
creative  passionate  ambitious 


3 Parisian addresses where you like to enjoy cocktails? At the Pavillon des Canaux in the 19th district, @pavillondescanauxparis 
at L’Artiste in the 11th district and @brasserie_lartiste 
at Mama Shelter East in the 20th district @mamashelterpariseast 

Your 3 favorite VDF cocktails Flower Rosé, Sauvignon Spécial, and the Chardo Mule

Your 3 favorite places to create In my studio, in the sun in a garden, and under a blanket with a cup of tea!

3 words that define you Creative, passionate, ambitious
Your 3 latest favorite creations? My 3 recent collaborations with cool creators: @maen_paper @alenoreparis and @antoinetteconamore

3 French songs that are always in your playlist "Le tourbillon de la vie" by Jeanne Moreau, "L’envie" by Ben Mazué, and "Old Man" by Neil Young

3 artistic movements that inspire you Impressionism, Fauvism, and Cubism.

Your 3 favorite places to create? The studio, a bit my couch, and my walks in Lyon.