Vicky Royer

An illustrator based in Savoy, she studied graphic design, illustration and comic strips in Paris and Brussels. With a double master’s degree, both in illustration and graphic design, she has already been working for herself for several years.

Her multidisciplinary background allows her to work with several media – drawing and graphic design but also motion design. She produces children’s and media illustrations as well as posters and animations. More recently, she has specialised in maps of resorts and towns, which is how she came to work with resorts such as Tignes and Val d'Isère.

She also makes short, animated 2D teasers to launch events, through which she came to work with Costières de Nïmes and Crozes-Hermitage. She loves the profusion of colours and shapes that create a strong visual impact in communications.

Vicky Royer


The artist in 3 words
joyful good living  original 


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