Gaëtan Heuzé

Gaëtan’s interest in photography and drawing came from the punk and hip hop culture. After studying graphic design and advertising in Paris, he developed a passion for animation and infographics, gradually building up a unique world that is funny yet sensitive. His combined skills allow him to take a holistic approach to design projects. He has been freelance since 2007, working for major retailers, music groups and the media. His unique world is funny yet sensitive and full of curves and pop colours!

Gaïtan Heuzé


This artist in 3 words
Gaëtan Illustrator  Do It Later group bassist 


👉 3 artistic movements that inspire you Punk-rock

👉 3 Parisian pavement cafés where you enjoy drinking wine @lepetitzagros.paris11

👉 3 French songs that are always on your playlist @burning_heads_official
@hamzasaucegod (même s’il est belge !)

👉 3 French artists you dream of working with @insta_grems

👉 Your 3 favourite places for working on your art
The beach
In the shower
In my bed, just before dropping off to sleep

👉 Your last 3 favourite pieces of art ​
A small animation for the aperitif that I did for Instagram
An illustration for the ‘Lâcher de saison’ festival in Rennes
The sleeve of two songs we have just released with my group Do It Later

👉 Your 3 favourite grape varieties from France

👉 3 aromas you like in wine 
The aroma on the first nose
The second nose
And the third nose 😊

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