Mathilde Bel

If you had to describe how Mathilde Bel started out, this is what she says: “It may sound like a cliché, but I have always drawn a lot. I have always needed to do something with my hands. But everyone told me that it wasn’t a career and that you couldn’t make a living out of it, so I turned to studying graphic design”.

Mathilde Bel


This artist in 3 words
illustrator mum  ex-pat 


? 3 artistic movements that inspire youCubism, Orphism and Fauvism.

? Your 3 favourite grape varieties from FranceSauvignon Blanc, Gamay and Pinot Gris from France.

? 3 aromas you like in wine Dried fruits, flowers and spices.

? 3 French artists you dream of working with@juliettearmanet, @katiasanchezparis and @atelier_bingo
? Your last 3 favourite pieces of artMy illustration for @brutal_ceramics, a series of very colourful animal drawings.

? 3 Parisian venues you would love to discoverLes enfants du marché, Jones and Caluche.?

? 3 French songs that are always on your playlist « Tu es sûrement une sorcière » by @pommeofficial, « Sémaphore » by @requin_chagrin and « Rien à prouver » by @yseult___ . ?

? Your 3 favourite places for working on your artMy desk opposite a window, a beautiful garden and my bed. ?